'In Lawfully Yours' Film Review | Talking About Religion

This post was originally going to be a review of In Lawfully Yours but I'm going to talk a little bit about religion and how faith is dealt with in the film, in addition to how faith is discussed in mainstream society. I'll probably come back to this topic as I learn more about it.

I watched this film because Chelsey Crisp (aka Honey from Fresh Off The Boat) is in it. It has all the signs of generic romantic-comedy films - with the movie starting in New York (this is why non-Americans can only name 5-ish US states!) before moving to a cute named small town in a semi-undisclosed loction, with a villainous (and semi-incompetent) ex and an unexpected love interest - but that didn't stop me from crying approximately 80 minutes into the film. I can't believe I'm about to say this - but the overarching idea of religious faith really drew me in. Yeah, it's a Christian-based film.

I've stated time and time again I'm an atheist, but in all honesty, as I was watc…

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