One Week at F45 | My Thoughts

Fitness has never been my thing. I never got into it when I was younger, and despite numerous promises over the years, I still didn't take that leap. It took me 19 years to join a gym, 21 to start going regularly, and another few months after that to realise that I can't do this shit on my own.

I'm just not disciplined or knowledgeable enough. Sure, I've made it a mission this year to actually get my heart racing while exercising instead of choosing a comfortable pace - and I've done it, but it doesn't always last + I'm bored. The gym I joined in March this year, however, closes in one month's time - so it looks like it's time to find a solution.

I just finished a free trial at F45, and honestly, I'm pretty certain this is what being a living corpse entails. I was proud of surviving my first session, but the entire weekend consisted of me grimacing in pain because my stomach hurt when I sneezed, and falling asleep on nearly every horizontal surfac…

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