Comic Book Appreciation | 'Friendship Paradox' by Monica Munoz

If you were paying any attention to 'The Good Wife' Tumblr fandom during its peak, you would've known about @monibolis' incredible crossover comic - Best Christian Friends Forever, bringing together two teenage girls - Grace Florrick and Paige Jennings (who like every TV child had been *savaged* by the fandom for being too much/little/judgy/stupid/blah blah blah) and making a brilliant comic parodying the biggest plot holes, and making the bluntest comments in the most enjoyable form (I'd link it but someone deleted their work.)

But seriously, if you love sci-fi mixed with teenage angst and some old-fashioned drama, check out Monica's comic - The Friendship Paradox. 'The Friendship Paradox' is an 8-part comic book series telling the story of  Raquel, a teenager and aspiring physicist, who happens to be the daughter of parents who so desperately want to crack the code to time travel. When she volunteers to be the guinea pig and go twenty seconds into the future - the time machine breaks, but not before sending Raquel thirty years into the future - into 2018. Raquel must navigate in a life with fancier technology, a newfound friend (Hope) who's got her own drama being the daughter of a governor, all while trying to figure out how she's meant to go home. 

If that ain't enough to convince you to dive into this amazing comic - let me tell you the art is fucking out of this world (I'm no expert but I promise you, it's fabulous). You also get an essay each issue, just so you know what interests and peeves Monica - which seems like a nice touch if you want to get to know the author.

The most important reason to get your hands on it though?

I make a cameo :)))))

"Face your fears." Try things you haven't before, like reading comics and find out exactly how much depth you can go through dialogue alone. You'll never be satisfied with poor development of teenage girls on television again after reading this. That much I can promise.

GET THE COMIC NOW and be ready when the final two issues drop!