GG Reaction Series! (Part Three) | Rory's Stars Hollow Party & Post-Danc...

Here is Part 3 of my 'Gilmore Girls' reaction series! This was probably my favourite one to film - as I got to watch some really sweet, touching moments before jumping into one of the most intense scenes in the series. I talk about various relationships in ways I haven't in before, trying to understand Emily Gilmore, and shed more light on what makes the Rory/Richard relationship so unique. And then I dive into the post-dance fight, commenting on where Lorelai's anger comes from, and how Rory views it all.

Like I said, great to film - but an actual nightmare to edit. I don't know if you guys know this (you will when you watch the video, because I got so sick of editing this dang thing that I let the sloppy editing slide), but I have to sync up my reactions to the episode after I've filmed it. That could be the day after - or fifteen days later, when I honestly couldn't even tell you what I was watching. I have to find a better filming system - but this is the only way that's working since I apparently can't ever remember to stop and start the filming while reacting through it all.

Anyways, hope you guys enjoy watching! :)